उपाय जो करेगा हर रोग को दूर I Remedies to Cure Any Disease.

Once more you all are heartily welcome . Today I am going to share with you this remedy which around you or you yourself or your family members, if anyone is suffering from any disease, this one remedy can get you cured of it. Astrologically the 6th house in your horoscope is said to be responsible for diseases . We can predict if a person has some physical ailment by checking this 6th house. And the ruler of this house is the planet Mars ie we are talking about Lord Hanumanji. What does this mean? If we do any remedy related to Hanumanji then that can cure you ie astrologically speaking it can heal any disease. But we must understand what connection does it have with your body. When we talk about Mars, we are talking about the blood in your body . And the type of relation Lord Ramji and Lord Hanumanji shared exactly that type of relation exists between heart and blood in our body ie blood represents Lord Hanumanji and the heart represents Lord Ramji as He is called Raghuvanshi or Suryavanshi . This means both are incomplete without each other. Now blood goes to every part of your body and carries whatever substance- vitamins, minerals etc- is needed by each particular organ. The force behind making the blood reach all these places is of the heart which astrologically is represented by Sun . So they have an unbreakable bond, they are inseparable . Actually both are fiery planets and their connection too is like this. So a very small remedy . If you are suffering from any disease , you can do this simple remedy. On a Tuesday take a triangle flag and on it write with sandalwood paste “ Nase rog hare sab peera, japat nirantar Hanumant bira” and place at a top Hanumanji’s temple. If you do this all your illness , problems start resolving. And the second remedy is the Chola or the coating we apply on Hanumanji made of Vermillion (sindoor) and chameli oil(jasmine oil). The color is actually of Lord Ramji and when that color is applied on Hanumanji , specially with chanting of “Ram Ram”, all diseases start disappearing from your body.
chemically and technically this combination is of the heart and blood actively try to make your body healthy. This is the power of worship of Lord Hanumanji. And the heart , which represent Lord Shri Ram ie astrologically representing Sun , both these make you healthy . As you keep doing these remedies, you will realize , if there is any disease in your body, that will get cured.
Now I will take your leave . We will meet again with a new topic in a new session . Till then, lots of love to you all. Thank you.

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