चक्कर आना कैसे ठीक करे? | How to cure vertigo by Acupressure? | DTS Part 1

#Vertigo Acupressure #चक्करआना

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Aim & Objective Of Ayush Naturopathy Foundation

Our organization has been established
in August 2021
Till date we have successfully treated many
incurable diseases like Diabetes Hypertension
Arthritis Cervical Spondylitis CKD if you are
suffering from these diseases then you can contact
this organization. Our organization will do your best
to cure these diseases. Our Naturopathy Diet and
Vihaar is based on these two principles.

To create awareness among the people
about naturopathy and its benefits by
organizing seminars, conferences, health
camps and workshops in all parts of the
country To provide technical
support and human resources to the organizations
working towards research, education and
promotion in nature cure and Yoga.