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? Natural Penis Enlargement | Subliminal Affirmation | Binaural Beat Recording | Help for Penis Growth | Build sexual confidence, overcome sexual embarrassment for good and have the penis you’ve always dreamed of with this powerful ambient recording layered with over 4000 subliminal affirmations to help the listener increase his penis size naturally.

— Affirmations:
My penis is big | The circulation in my penis is excellent | My body stores excess fat in my penis | My pelvic muscles are strong and healthy | My penis is healthy | My body supplies my penis with abundant nutrition | I am confident in my penis | My penis feels large | My penis looks amazing | My mind is focused on increasing the size of my penis | I will naturally enlarge my penis | My penis is growing | I am noticing that my penis feels heavier | My erections are becoming much bigger | I will have a healthy and strong penis | The blood flow to my penis is improving | My pelvic muscles are becoming stronger | I will send excess fat to my penis | My penis is getting bigger and bigger | I am starting to feel more confident in my penis | My penis is naturally large | I can direct my body to store fat in my penis | I have excellent circulation in my penis | Having a big penis is just a normal part of my life | I love my penis | Sexual confidence comes naturally to me | Nutrition and energy are flowing to my penis | My partner is turned on by my penis | I have a large, healthy, beautiful penis | I can enlarge my penis with the power of positive thinking.. and many more”

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