12 Natural Treatments For Multiple Sclerosis


In recent years, treatments combining traditional medicine and alternative medicine have gained popularity with multiple sclerosis (MS) patients. These blended treatments are referred to as Complementary and Alternative Medicine, or CAM.

How is MS treated with traditional medicine?
In addition to medication, traditional treatment for MS may include:
-neuropsychology evaluations
-swallow and speech therapy
-physical therapy and occupational therapy
-sexual dysfunction care
-resilience counseling

How does traditional medicine treat MS differently than alternative medicine?
“Traditional medicine consists of medication and various forms of therapy to modify the disease’s course and reduce symptoms. Alternative treatments reduce symptoms through approaches related to lifestyle,” says Dr. Duncan, “They often involve your diet and fitness habits and include activities you may consider hobbies.”

Nonetheless, the best treatment approaches manage symptoms, treat relapses, attempt to modify the disease’s course, promote function through rehabilitation and provide emotional support.

What are alternative treatments, and which are part of CAM?
Alternative treatments can be divided into categories such as food and diet, exercise and stress management. Though alternative treatments may effectively reduce symptoms, they do not treat the disease itself.