17 Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises To Dramatically Increase Your Penis Size (STEP BY STEP)

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Penis enlargement is very similar to bodybuilding in nature. This is because the penile tissue (corpora cavernosa and corpora spongisium) is in fact smooth muscle.

How to enlarge the erectile tissue of the penis: Recent scientific studies by scientist D.J. Millward have shown that muscle cells (including the ‘corpora cells’ within the penis) are surrounded by thin sheaths of connective tissue: the endoysium, perimysium, and epimysium. These layers can be pictured as extremely tough layers of plastic wrap snugly surrounding each cell (and groups of cells). In order for each cell to enlarge, the tough, fibrous connective tissue surrounding the cell must be stretched to a larger diameter.

Think of these layers as ‘girdles’ that restrict cell expansion. For a bodybuilder, the blood rushing into the muscle during resistance weight training (also known as “the pump”) stretches the layers, forcing them to rebuild in slightly larger and larger shapes. Now, to increase the size of your penis, you must somehow stretch the connective layers that surround your penile erectile tissue. This is where our penis enlargement exercises come in – we offer a safe ‘workout’ that will increase the length and girth of your penis.