2 Simple Home Remedies For VERTIGO TREATMENT


Natural homemade remedies for VERTIGO TREATMENT to cure balance disorder, unsteadiness quickly & safely.

Vertigo is also a form of spinning sensation in which a person falsely feels as if the surroundings are moving, falling tilting. Vertigo causes other sensations like balance disorder, unsteadiness, disequilibrium due to head pressure. It can sometimes also be accompanied by other conditions like nausea, loss of balance, fullness in the ear, ringing sounds in the ear, vomiting and temporary hearing loss. The patient can also experience loss of balance and loss of consciousness.

This is caused by the disturbances in the inner ear. The inner ear is the place which signals the mind about the balance of body. Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo which is the most common form of vertigo is caused by the calcium particles in the canals of the inner ear. Vertigo is not a disease but a symptom, in most cases, of other conditions. This is different from unsteadiness as it is caused by the sensation of motion. It is triggered or increased by sudden movements or sudden changes in position. It does not last for more than a minute.

Vertigo can happen also because of inflammation of inner ear, meniere’s disease, viral infection causing inflammation of vestibular nerve in the ear, head injuries or migraines.

Over time, vertigo improves on its own. However if you are looking for some relief you can rely on these home remedies for vertigo. This gives your quick relief from the following sensations – head spinning, balance disorder, unsteadiness, disequilibrium, and head pressure.

1. Coriander Seeds
One teaspoon of coriander seeds and amla powder should be soaked in one cup of water and left undisturbed overnight. In the morning, strain and drink this solution. A little sugar or honey can be added to improve the taste.

2. Basil
Consume milk in which 3-4 tulsi (basil) leaves are boiled. This tonic can be had every day for a few weeks.

Hope you feel better soon!

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