2 Simple Natural Remedies To TREAT SIGNS OF DEPRESSION


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Home remedy for treating depression is like having a magic wand in your hands. Depression can be a difficult and an extremely hard phase, and coming out of it can even seem impossible. It gives one a feeling of helpless. Treating this condition doesn’t have to mean loads of medicine or hours spent with a counselor. It is best to get over this condition with the help of home remedy, which is natural and effective. Depression is a very common problems these days. It is as common as cold. Do not despair because you feel depressed and sad all the time. You are not alone .This condition can be treated very easily.

In case that is how you feel, we have some good news – these two simple remedies that can offer you some relief.

* What is depression: – Depression is a serious condition affecting roughly one in five women and one in ten men at some point in their lifetime. It can affect people of every age, educational level, and social and economic background. Once an episode of depression occurs, it is also quite likely that it will recur. And the impact of depression can be even more severe when it occurs in combination with other medical illnesses such as diabetes, stroke, or cardiovascular disease, or with related disorders such as anxiety or substance abuse.

Depression commonly affects your thoughts, your emotions, your behavior and your overall physical health.

# Depression causes:-

1. Changes in hormone levels
2. Certain medical conditions
3. Stress
4. Grief or difficult life circumstances.
Any of these factors alone or in combination can precipitate changes in brain chemistry that lead to depression’s many symptoms.

# Depression signs and symptoms:-

1. Feelings
2. Sadness
3. Hopelessness
4. Guilt
5. Moodiness
6. Anger outbursts
7. Loss of interest in friends
8. Family and favorite activities,
9. Sex
one can expect to experience one or more of these symptoms on occasion. An occurrence of any one of these symptoms on its own does not constitute depression. When healthcare professionals suspect depression, they commonly look for clusters of these symptoms occurring regularly for two weeks or longer, and impacting functional aspects of the person’s life everyone feels sad or has “the blues” from time to time. Worry not!

# Natural Remedies for Depression:-

Home Remedy 1:

# Take a stick or two of cardamom and crush it to make a powder. # Boil this powder in water and make tea.
# This gives a very pleasing aroma that has medicinal value in treating depression.

Home Remedy 2:

#Add one teaspoon of cashew nut powder to one cup of warm milk.
# Drink it once daily.
# You can also eat a handful of dry roasted cashews as a healthy snack to lift your mood

Alternatively, an infusion of rose petals, prepared by mixing 15gms of the petals in 250ml of boiling water, should be taken occasionally.

A change of lifestyle can also help to get over this condition. There is lots you can do own your own to fight this condition.
Eat healthy: Eat right and eat healthy .Include foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids (tuna) and folic acids (spinach etc.).These can help ease the symptoms. Do not over eat, control what you eat.
Exercise: A good workout will help release endorphins. This helps with fighting depression. Regular workouts keep the brain active.
Sleep: Seep well to tide over this condition.

Set goals and succeed in them: This will give you a feeling accomplishment. It is a feel good factor.

Try these simple yet effective home remedies .Hope you feel better soon!
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