20 Amish Herbal Remedies


The following twenty herbs are commonly used in Amish herbal remedies:
1- Peppermint- used to relieve pain from indigestion, gallstones and stomach pain.
2- Blessed Thistle- blessed thistle and milk thistle are both used to treat constpation and stomach pain.
3- Ginger- Used to eliminate gas.
4- Fennel- a popular colic treatment for babies.
5- Corn Silk- an Amish herbal medicine for infertility in men.
6- Pumpkin Seed- believed to reduce prostate swelling and eliminate intestinal parasites
7- Thyme- an Amish herbal medicine for anxiety and agitation.
8- Sage- used to treat hot flashes and night sweats during menopause.
9- Red Clover- used to enhance fertility in women.
10- Echinacea- a popular treatment for bacterial infections, colds and flu.
11- Garlic- used to promote cardiovascular health and treat infections.
12- Ginseng- an Amish herbal medicine borrowed from the Chinese; believed to promote overall wellness.
13- St. John’s Wort- an effective traditional remedy for mild depression.
14- Milk Thistle- a popular treatment for liver disease.
15- Chamomile- used to ease symptoms of insomnia and facilitate restful sleep
16- Cranberry- an Amish herbal remedy for stomach ulcers and urinary tract infections
17- Licorice- used to treat infertility and menopause in women.
18- Red Raspberry- a folk treatment for menstrual cramps and pregnancy problems.
19- Willow- used to ease aches and pains, including backache and arthritis.
20- Feverfew- a popular herbal product to relieve migraines and neck pain.