2018 Congress Archived Session: Sexual Dysfunction and Fertility Considerations

Program Overview:
This session will provide a multidimensional discussion of considerations before, during, and after cancer treatment for fertility preservation and alterations in sexual health. This session will address the importance of addressing sexuality and the impact that treatments have on sexual function, as well as the importance of initiating a discussion of sexual health throughout treatment and recovery, including available interventions to improve sexual outcomes and quality of life for cancer survivors.

Key Takeaways:
1) Altered sexual health negatively impacts the quality of life of cancer survivors. Early discussion, evaluation and treatment for sexual health issues can improve sexual outcomes in the long-term.
2) To assess and intervene in the treatment sexual dysfunctions requires consideration of multiple dimensions of sexuality including physiologic, psychologic and social dimensions.
3) Treatment for sexual dysfunction should be motivated by patients after the discussion of risk/benefits/cost.

Continuing Education
Credit Hours: 1.25 Hours
ILNA Categories: Psychosocial; Survivorship
Date Released: August 13, 2018
Valid Until August 13, 2020

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