5 Natural remedies for IBS – Dr. Sharad Kulkarni

Remedies can be both with respect to food and exercise and when it comes to irritable bowel syndrome what we call as IBS or most of the digestive system problems, they are usually psychosomatic, which means that both the body and the mind are involved in this so in order to tackle such organs, we have to balance both the body and mind. So in order to achieve balanced mind, I would say that meditation would be the first and the foremost thing to be practiced in order to balance the mind. Meditation men, it will relax the mid ad hence the psychosomatic disorder can disorders can be tackled or can be handled by mediation. So this would be the first and foremost thing. Also the water intake before sunrise will help the digestive system or the gut to cleanse all the toxins which are responsible for the digestive issues or the irritable bowel syndrome. Next would be a good sleep, at night preferably and intake of ginger or pepper or jiggery , regular intake of these foods would help the digestive fire to tackle all these kinds of problems. Some of the good remedy that has to be done before every meals is to take a teaspoon of ghee which has to be mixed with a pinch of saindhava salt or saindhava lavanam, a pinch of ginger and a pinch of pepper. So all these have to be mixed and is taken or consumed before every food. The second would be to boil a handful of cumin seeds, that is jeera in 4 glass of water, which is reduced to one glass of water and it can be consumed regularly and as always we have to avoid 3 things, that is hurry, worry and curry. Hurry is with respect to the food, eating the food very fast and then worry is in general or during the diet , during the food intake they will be thinking a lot about or they will be worrying about or it will be a dedicated food inatke, they will be just disturbed or distracted by many of the things like the mobile chatting etc . Curry would be the spicy thing, mainly the green chilli and red chili spicy things, these things they have to avoid. one more thing would be little bit of ginger and little bit of jaggery , little bit of jeera and a little bit of saiandhava salt, these has to be mixed and they have to be taken regular intake of this would definitely help in the IBS or irritable bowel syndrome or any kind of digestive problem.

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