5 situations when to take Second Opinion


5 situations when you should seek Second Opinion?
Second Opinion is the opinion of another doctor other than the treating doctor regarding diagnosis or treatment options. Second Opinion sometimes changes the diagnosis but mostly confirms that already made. It gives a different perspective of the situation and empowers patients with more information and helps in choosing the right treatment.
1. When diagnosed with Cancer: The treatments options for cancer are different from non cancerous conditions (benign). It’s very important to confirm that your diagnosis is indeed cancer.
2. When diagnosed with a rare disease: When you diagnose a rare disease, you are rarely correct! Make sure the diagnosis is right.
3. When suggested a very risky procedure / surgery/ treatment option, seek second opinion for alternative treatment options.
4. When suggested multiple treatment options in sequence or in combination, it’s good to take second opinion for optimal treatment planning.
5. If you are started on treatment, but your symptoms persist or is worsening, that’s when you need a second opinion.