7 natural remedies for morning sickness


Morning sickness can make you feel so desperate especially since it’s normal to be all day and all night. Not to despair though, I have 7 fantastic natural remedies to help you combat pregnancy nausea!

Disclaimer: there are lots of different opinions on what is safe and what isn’t in pregnancy. Mentioned tips are my opinions, please do your own research and make an informed decision before trying any of these tips. If in doubt, discuss with your health practitioner.

To tackle morning sickness you need to address three area’s: change in hormones, liver function & sugar balance. Knowing this can even help you reduce hyperemesis gravidarum.

My tips:
1. Eat small meals & frequently, have protein with every snack/meal, no caffeine or other stimulants
2. Homeopathic remedies for morning sickness (my top 5 check timestamp 04:58)
3. Vitamin B6
4. CBD oil
5. Sea bands
6. Coconut oil
7. Essential oils

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