7 Natural Treatments for ENDOMETRIOSIS that ACTUALLY work


1 in 10 women suffer this terrible condition, known as #Endometriosis. Many are unaware of the well researched therapeutic potential of herbs and nutrients in #treating Endometriosis #naturally. This information should be made available to you as soon as you’re diagnosed but it’s not, so I made this video to update you on how you can complement other treatments you’re on to prevent the lesions returning.

For the Research papers discussed in this video visit the link below:


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Hey! I’m Becky Jane for those new here and I’m a qualified clinical Nutritionist with a bachelor of health science in Nutritional Medicine. I’m so passionate about women’s health, hormones and healing from the inside out. Head over to my website and instagram to find some delicious recipes, learn about women’s health and follow the journey along with my little fam xx


This video is for informational purposes only and is not intended to treat or diagnose any medical condition. Pease consult your health care provider before trying any new health regimen or supplements discussed in this video.