A Breast Cancer diagnosis and prognosis has opened so many opportunities. Especially clinical trials


I don’t share a lot about how I advocate on behalf of Breast Cancer survivors, patients that are still battling and physically not with us. Doctors loved my personality and my outlook on life while battling breast cancer. I always showed up to treatments not showing signs of cancer, even when I was extremely sick. Most of the times I would check in and the Receptionist thought I was a doctor or pharmaceutical sells rep. Anyways, I never understood WHY ME, until one day I said I am going to turn this bad situation into a teachable moment for myself and others. You should never question God, but find your purpose while in your darkest hours. Find your purpose while in pain, find your purpose when you think it’s too much to bare, find your purpose when you look at your battle wounds bring tears to your eyes, find your purpose when you feel like giving up. The Most High allowed me to see through a different lens. Especially, when the people I started out with were longer here. I started getting involved with breast cancer organizations, volunteering, donating, clinical trial medicines, inspirational speaking, donating free wigs and networking to get funding. Also, working with Pharmaceutical companies to lower or donate Neulasta® which costs $6,417.99* per dose. Neulasta is used to stimulate the growth of “healthy” white blood cells in the bone marrow helping the body fight off infections after chemotherapy is given. The cost of chemotherapy doesn’t include Neulasta that is administered after every treatment. While advocating and networking for Breast Cancer, I was offered a partnership(not the medicine listed above.) A couple of professionals that started a channel on YouTube (I will never share with no one in this sector😂.) It’s a partnership divided, so it’s not just one person. Its a group of people that has ownership over one channel/Sponsorships. We all have something in common thats breast cancer. I am the only black woman in this partnership. I dont care about the color long as we are for the cause. I love diversity. Also, when you don’t want partake anymore,you can sell your portion to another professional. Don’t purchase a partnership channel if the channel is stagnant. Please, observe before making a big decision to enter into agreement. People have heard me, saying I don’t care too much about resorting to so much traditional medications. I believe in alternative medicine as well. You already know who’s sponsoring, your mission is to push that product. Also, people that take certain medications can get sponsored if you have a great networking partnerships. I’ve seen YouTubers get pharmaceutical company sponsorships. Its not what you know, its who you know. As a breast cancer survivor, I have had opportunities thrown at me while networking. I was asked to give feedback on certain devices that I was given for free. I hate to say it but Breast Cancer is a big business. Companies are always looking for people to review their products or medications. I have all kinds of Fitbits, creams, expensive wigs designed for bald heads, wig bands, calming weight blanket, mattresses, sneakers, bras, etc… Some patients are asked up front would they like to participate in reviewing products or study. You can participate or decline. You do have to sign an agreement if you accept the offer. So, there you go how I ended up with a sponsored partner YouTube page with 500k plus subscribers. Someone asked me a question, here’s your answer.