A market of patients want alternative treatments-Is the answer Private Membership Associations?


Patients suffering long-term (chronic) or acute disease increasingly are refusing doctors’ orders for:
* pills to manage the signs and symptoms,
* chemo to poison,
* radiation to burn, and
* surgery.

Since 1993 Dr. Noffsinger has enhanced natural regeneration to stimulate new cell growth while simultaneously identifying and destroying abnormal cells, and all types of unfriendly microbes, bacteria, fungi, yeast, and viruses. And he’s growing his market via a method called a “Private Membership Association”, critical to spare patients and their healers’ harassment from special interest-influenced government smothering.

Close to 100% of chronic diseases can be completely reversed, showing no signs or symptoms of the disease because all cells regenerate. Just some of the treated diseases include glaucoma, diabetes, developmental disabilities, infections, and problems associated with the circulatory, nervous, and musculoskeletal systems. When a doctor claims “there’s nothing else to do”, it is time to free the market to allow entrepreneurs to solve this problem.

The only barrier to superior care stems from the government, as usual, controlled by special interests opposing novel treatments that threaten their market power. It is government that determines what care is allowed, in exchange for a license; what medical schools can teach, and what gets researched – threatening unemployment and derision for any maverick healer who dares promote patient needs over industry profits. To get around the government’s special interest-constructed box, innovative healers have discovered the method of “Private Membership Associations” (PMA).

In a PMA one can speak the truth about cures as long as one does not place a member in danger or offer such cures to the public (outside the PMA). Without realizing it everyone already operates a private membership association, daily in your home! In your house, one can run around naked, and the public may not trespass on your property. Starting with a contract offered by a respected, proven PMA service, a doctor with offerings that exceed mediocre medical standards can join with patients and privately treat them in superior ways unavailable to the public.