ADHD Summit – LIVE Kick Off Event – Jan 30 2022 |


At this ADHD Summit Kick-Off Event, our host Adrien Harrison is going to share his insights on how to best help caregivers of kids with ADHD.

Covering all aspects of ADHD throughout the lifespan, he’ll explain how our ADHD expert speakers will help caregivers and the kids they care for thrive throughout their lives.

Everything in the ADHD Summit is meant to be effective and actionable, so if you have been looking for evidence-based strategies to cope better with ADHD based on the latest research from the world’s leading experts, this event will be beneficial to you.

This is the first of several LIVE events included in Smart Course’s ADHD Summit, including LIVE Q&As and Webinars, and best of all, the information brought to you in this LIVE Kick-Off is free.

The full ADHD Summit Plus Plan will provide you with 60+ masterclasses with experts that cover every aspect of coping with ADHD throughout the lifespan, both at school and at home. Adrien will also share information about how to join.

We hope to see you at this valuable event, and until then we wish you our very best!
– The Smart Course Team