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Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment Holistic Options – Alternative breast cancer treatments, prostate, neck, throat, tonsils, tongue

Healing breast cancer ir directly relates with healing emotional wounds, healing unresolved emotional traumas and stress.

When those emotional traumas are kept in a woman’s body for a long time, when they are chronic, show as a symptom like a cancer tumor.

Emotional traumas that are at the root cause of the presentation of cancer range from an unhealed broken heart, physical abuse, sexual abuse and chronic stress.

Emotional Healing means to remove those Energy Blockages caused by stress/traumas. Energy healing, like Reiki, is very effective on removing Energy Blockages, which in term strengthens the immune system and activates our innate self-healing abilities.

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She said: “Start with an alternative breast cancer treatment that doesn’t inflict so much damage to your body. Then you can try other more damaging treatments …

Complementary and Alternative Methods and Cancer

Complementary and alternative methods include products, practices, and systems that are … What Are the Risks of Not Using Mainstream Cancer Treatment?

Alternative Treatment Options: What’s Worked for Me – Cure Today

Traditional treatment options for breast cancer include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and anti-hormone therapies but there are other options available.

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Treatment & Side Effects
For many people diagnosed with breast cancer, complementary … relieve symptoms; ease treatment side effects; improve quality of life.
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