Alternative medical treatments and supplementation

Alternative medical treatments and supplementation

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Natural medicine and supplementation in order to avoid chronic diseases and experience a higher quality of life.

The minerals that appear to be deficient in most people include magnesium, iodine, selenium, zinc, and in many cases, calcium. MSM, should also be used for those with joint problems.

Magnesium reduces anxiety, improves athletic performance, and is used in over 300 different reactions in the body, including, healthy immune system, proper heartbeat, and bone formation, muscle health, nerve health and regulates blood glucose levels. While calcium contracts muscles, magnesium allows them to relax. Therefore, the ratio between calcium and magnesium needs to be optimized. The most efficient way to supplement with magnesium is through transdermal application.

Iodine is another element that is generally deficient in most people. Elemental iodine is crucial to thyroid function, assists in ATP production, removes halogens from the body, improves cognitive function, prevents hair loss, and prevent heart disease. The best supplemental option is nascent iodine.

Selenium offers a wide range of health benefits and has the potential to kill bacteria, on a level that is consistent with silver. One study found that those who consume 200 µg of selenium a day reduce their overall risk of cancer by 50%.

Zinc contributes to cellular replication, cellular growth, proper immune system function, the ability to heal, hair growth, fights the common cold, is used in testosterone production and also helps break down carbohydrates. If you want to supplement with zinc, choose zinc citrate.

Calcium is a necessary component in the bones, teeth, muscles, nerves, and is required during blood clotting. Those who want to increase their calcium intake should supplement with calcium citrate. One can also make their own calcium citrate supplement by placing sterilize eggshells in lemon juice for 24 hours. Consume a teaspoon daily.

Those who suffer from arthritis should supplement with MSM. Essentially, MSM makes the skin, joints, and muscles more elastic in nature, while reduce pain and inflammation.

Natural medical treatments – colloidal silver, hydrogen peroxide, Ozone therapy, and anti-inflammatory oxygen therapy. Colloidal silver is a strong antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal. Colloidal silver has the ability to improve the defense systems of the body and many colloidal silver users claim that they don’t get sick.

Hydrogen peroxide can also be used as a mouthwash and some people even consume small amounts of it in order to prevent and treat disease. Placing hydrogen peroxide in the ear canal can treat the common cold. Some practitioners even inject hydrogen peroxide directly into a tumor to destroy it.

Ozone therapy is one of those cure all techniques that the medical establishment must suppress. Ozone improves blood cell flexibility, oxygen-carrying capacity, immune system function, improves mitochondrial function, reduces inflammation, improves athletic performance, and destroys pathogens. While most ozone doctors up to use hemotherapy, that is, placing ozone directly into the blood, rectal insufflation is almost as effective. In fact, one can even perform this type of administration in the comfort of their own home.

Here are some plant-based medicines that should be considered for various diseases, including, Guanabana, Costus Igneus, Maca Root, and Kratom. Guanabana has been shown to fight cancer in a number of different studies. Many cancer patients are currently consuming Guanabana leaf tea. Costus Igneus, otherwise known as the insulin plant has been shown to have a profound effect on regulating blood sugar levels. Maca root is native to the Andes Mountains and has been shown to reduce stress levels significantly.

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