Alternative Treatments for Flu and Corona Viruses


Alternative Treatments for The Flu

Building a healthy, high-functioning immune system is the best defense for preventing viral and bacterial illnesses. Ensuring that one gets at least eight hours of sleep each night can boost the immune system, allow the body to fully regenerate, and allow it to fight off any infection they may have come into contact with is helpful.

Eating Healthy
When you truly think about it, we really are what we eat. This means that our diet and the foods we choose to have in our lives have a long-term impact on our immune system. Drinking as much water as we can each day can help flush out waste products and toxins that break down the immune system. It also helps clean out the kidneys, allows them to process out more waste, and improves the immune response.

Exercising Regularly
Exercising is one of the most important factors in maintaining overall health, immunity, strength, and well being. When exercise takes places outside it can improve the intake of Vitamin D, and improves the circulation to all parts of the body. Since vitamin D plays a huge role in preventing the common cold, the flu virus, and other illnesses outside exercise is very beneficial.

Vitamin Supplementation
Supplementing your diet with a high-quality multivitamin and vitamin C is crucial to preventing and fighting off the flu.

Vitamin C helps the body absorb vitamin D, and they also work alongside each other to increase the immune system strength. Not only can these vitamins decrease your risk of contracting the flu, it can also help reduce the amount of time one suffers from the illness.

Following Universal Precautions
It is important to avoid touching your face with one’s hands. One should definitely avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with one’s hands. This is because the flu virus is picked up by one’s hands and once they touch their face, they have put themselves at risk for contracting the flu virus.

Ensuring that one washes their hands after touching solid objects, touching other people, shaking hands, and after each trip to the bathroom can help prevent one from contracting the flu virus. It is not recommended for one to use antibacterial soaps. This is because it is proven to increase the risk of spreading antibiotic resistant bacteria through the community. Rather than using antibacterial soap, one should wash their hands under warm water using natural soap.
• Use an over-the-counter saline spray three to four times daily. Spray in each nostril. Blow the excess fluid out in a tissue, discard it and wash hands. This kills the live virus cells that are living and breeding in the nasal passages and sinuses.

• Use a Netti pot twice per day to flush the virus out of the sinus cavities, where it also lives and breeds.

• Take the recommended daily amount of vitamin C in divided into several doses. Make sure the brand of vitamin C taken is in the form of ascorbic acid. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on dosage.

• Take in plenty of fluids. Divide fluids into healthy portions of water, fresh vegetable juices, and fresh fruit juices. All of these fluids help flush toxins out of one’s body, provides necessary enzymes, decrease the amount of inflammation and pain experienced, and assist in flushing the viral cells out of the body.

• Taking zinc lozenges (4) can decrease the duration of both the cold and flu virus. Before taking a zinc supplement, one should educate themselves about the symptoms of zinc toxicity. Ensure that the lozenges are only sucked on, not chewed. If one finds the zinc lozenges make them nauseous, discontinue use as it is a symptom of zinc toxicity.

• One should ensure they take at least 20 minutes, twice each day, outside to be in the sunlight. This allows the body to absorb vitamin D from the sun, and manufacture even more inside of the cells. Vitamin D has been scientifically proven to decrease the duration of illnesses caused by bacterial and viral invasion.

• Boost the body’s ability to fight infections by adding garlic to one’s food. Garlic contains natural antibacterial and antiviral components that will fight alongside the immune system to get rid of the infection. (5)

• Add tea containing Echinacea to one’s daily regimen. When Echinacea is combined with garlic, the immune system receives much needed support in fighting off infections.

• Adding ginger in herbal tea form can decrease the duration of any viral infection. It is scientifically proven as a natural antiviral. It also provides pain relief, which is beneficial to one suffering from aches and pains from the flu. It is potent enough that physicians recommend it to patients suffering from arthritis pain. Ginger also reduces inflammation, which reduces flu associated joint pain, inflammation of mucous membranes, and assists in treating a sore throat. Ginger presents with a mild sedative effect, which helps in getting plenty of rest during the illness.