Ascites Natural Cure : Natural Cures To Ascites


Some remedies and diet tips for healing or avoiding ascites Garlic plays a pivotal role in curing ascites. Gramme is very helpful in ascites, Bitter Gourd: It provides the needed relief from ascites. Carrot juice and buttermilk are beneficial in curing this disease.Radishes are very beneficial in the treatment of ascites. Mix the juice of the leaves of the radish plant with water and consume. Intake of more water during the case of ascites adds to swelling and weight gain.Onions are very powerful diuretics. Therefore, include them in your diet to help drain the excess accumulated fluid through urination.
Ascites is a condition that refers to the accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal or abdominal cavity. Ascites is most commonly caused by liver damage and other medical terms for this condition include peritoneal cavity fluid, hydroperitoneum or abdominal dropsy.

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