Ayurvedic remedies for loss of voice – Dr. Mini Nair

Loss of voice or hoarseness of voice in commonly seen in people. It could be seen in mild infection or in people who strain a lot, the teachers, singers or anchors. This is called as swarabheda or swarasadha in Ayurveda. Here it could be because of mild infection or sudden drinking of cold water when you are exposed to extreme heat climate or extremely common where the person has strained his vocal cord for a short period of time and for various neurological conditions too. Even in some cases where there is malignancy or thyroid gland anomalies there can be change s in voice or hoarseness of voice. When we are looking into home remedies or first line of management would be to give rest to your vocal cords. This is to prevent further straining. This is followed by repeated gargling by salt water and turmeric, this helps in clearing infection, improving your immunity too. Various home remedies like you can crush 8 to 10 leaves of tulsi ad this juice with honey can be taken repeatedly in a day and that helps in clearing the voice. Even it is seen that half a teaspoon of ginger juice with half a teaspoon of turmeric and honey helps in making a paste and that can be licked frequently to clear the throat. Even tender betel leaf juices is found to be beneficial in hoarseness of voice and even chewing tender leaf buds of mango is also found to be very useful in cases of hoarseness of voice but when it comes to medications there are lot of medicines which can be kept at home and used as a remedy for this hoarseness of voice. There are various medicines like kadiradipatti, eladi pills or even lavangadi pills. Chewing this helps to clear the throat as well as to control the actions. Then there are a lot of other medications like talisapatradi choornas, dashavatakams and even karpoooradi choornams, all this is proved beneficial in such conditions. There are a lot of lehyams too like kantakadi lehyams, agasthya rasayanams, kooshamnada rasayanam or thamboola rasayanam, these kind of medicines are taken chronic conditions can help not only in clearing the infection but also brings about clarity of voice, plus it controls any kind of inflammation to the larynx but if the condition continues for 2 or 3 weeks we have to evaluate it further and then medical help has to be taken in such cases.