Azmin uses sex allegations as examples in measure of loyalty to Anwar


PKR deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali tonight raised the sex allegations levelled against Anwar Ibrahim to highlight his steadfast position in defending the PKR president.

However, Azmin lamented that when similar allegations were levelled against him, he did not appear to enjoy similar support.

Azmin said he had defended Anwar against sodomy allegations since 1998 without question.

“I never asked, I just went down to the streets…,” said Azmin alluding to the early years of Reformasi before PKR was eventually founded in 1999.

Azmin recounted how he was arrested and beaten up, all the while being forced to make a false confession.

“(They said) if I don’t confess, 20 years under ISA! I said ‘no such thing’ (happened) […] (They asked) where is the video? And I said, ‘if there is a video then play it at Dataran Merdeka.’

“It is up to that extent…that’s how much I cared for my president,” said Azmin to wild cheers from the crowd.