Benzo Withdrawal Recovery with Natural Remedies

Benzo withdrawal and full recovery is possible, the brain is remarkably repairable through neuroplasticity, in this video I discuss how to use natural remedies to speed up recovery of the benzo brain.

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The benzo brain has too little GABA and too much glutamate activity.
GABA puts the brakes on the brain, it inhibits synaptic firing,
Glutamate speed the brain up it increases synaptic firing. The result is the brain is speeded up.

Stimulating remedies and treatments even simple things like B vitamins may cause increased speed and make things worse unless they are balanced with remedies that help the brain to control its speed.

To help overcome this we can combine remedies that support GABA activity and control glutamate.

Some people say these remedies can act in the same way as the benzos, that they could cause a similar problem to the benzos, but natural remedies and should be avoided. But the natural remedies do not desensitise the brain to GABA or increase glutamate activity like benzo drugs; the science says they don’t attach to the GABA receptors in the same way as benzos or at all. Also in 30 years in practice, I have never seen any evidence of this; no one ever became addicted to the natural remedies.

There are a lot of natural remedies that are neuroprotective preventing further brain damage and others that boost neuroplasticity to help stimulate a more speedy recovery.

After benzos the brain works to regenerate and recover balance, this is the brains natural neuroplastic capabilities, but for many people, the aftermath of benzos can last for years as the brain struggles to recover; sometimes recovery is

It’s becoming increasingly understood how to boost neuroplasticity and that the health of the brain is something we can influence and change. Many natural remedies can boost neuroplasticity as can many other things from specific foods and exercises, intermittent fasting and new techniques like HYPER-thermia treatment. When you combine

I first developed a combination of natural treatments to work on my own failing brain health in 2012 since then I’ve been using it in my practice for drug withdrawal recovery

CAUTION: Stopping psychiatric drugs, especially abruptly can be dangerous, withdrawal effects may be severe, disabling or even life-threatening.

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