Beware of Medications That Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Medications can wreck your erections and cause erectile dysfunction since most medicines are made to maintain your illness for profit.

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To put it simply…you are a chemical bag and everything that goes into your body is going to have a reaction. Fruits and vegetables will give you healthy energy for better sex life. Processed foods including all meet will give you energy but at a high cost to your long term health.

Nutrition is the most important part of your health because it goes into your body every day. Pharmaceutical medications aren’t made from anything natural. And you have to wonder about a pill, gel or injection so small but have such a strong impact on your body.

Pills are incredibly cheap to make with machines that can make 7000 plus pills a day. The pill can cost 3 cents to make but you will end up paying 500% more for them.

Western medicine is designed to get you back to work, to the battlefield or back into the game. It is also designed to maintain your illness for profit. If you have to keep taking medicine for years…it doesn’t work. Some people believe you have to take things like blood pressure medicine for the rest of your life but that is not true.

Your body is your responsibility to make sure you read and study how to naturally take care of your body. You also have to advocate for yourself especially with doctors who say that you have to take medicines for the rest of your life.