Can Spider Venom Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

Venom from the Brazilian wandering spider can give men a long-lasting, painful erection.
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Rob’s video on the bugs living in homes in the Peruvian Amazon:

Tom’s creepy, crawly science rap:

Research into using venom to treat erectile dysfunction:

Venom Nature’s Killer from NOVA:

More on venom as medicine, from National Geographic:

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Many thanks to Dr. Kenia Pedrosa Nunes.

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Phoneutria Aggression
Courtesy Kevin Judge

Additional Video of Phoneutria
Courtesy Rob Nelson

One day (viagra tablet)
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Aurelia aurita 1
Wikimedia Commons/ Hans Hillewaert

Crotalus horridus (1)
Wikimedia Commons/ Tad Arensmeier

Eastern Green Mamba 02
Wikimedia Commons/ Danleo~commonswiki

Gila Monster head
Wikimedia Commons/ Jeff Servoss

Desmodus rotundus feeding
Wikimedia Commons/ Sandstein

Leiurus quinquestriatus
Flickr/Matt Reinbold

Textile cone
Wikimedia Commons/Richard Ling

Sun Anemone
Flickr/Roban Kramer

Wikimedia Commons/ Maciej A. Czyzewski

Brachypelma smithi 2009 G03
Wikimedia Commons/ George Chernilevsky


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