Cannabis is producing a better class of doctors: Here's how weed is gentrifying modern medicine


Look folks…as much fun as it is being a cannabis physician, it’s not without its own pitfalls. These mainly come from physicians who are staunchly against the idea of using cannabis as medicine. Many will vilify you for going against the grain of prescriptive medications, simply because they have not done the research behind medical cannabis like I have. The frightening thing about this trend is that patients are now armed with good knowledge that physicians SHOULD know, but do not. As people become more facile with technology, the physicians who are out of touch with current wellness trends are going to be left behind in favor of physicians who are on the forefront of patient values.

The take-home message here folks: don’t be afraid to vet your health care provider by asking them questions in a non-judgmental manner. Their answers to topics such as medical marijuana and the non-pharmacological treatment of many chronic conditions will tell you a lot in terms of how well this doctor can keep you alive for longer.

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