The best-in-class combination of integrated manual treatments like manual osteopathy, DSAA – Digital Spine Analysis, and Impulse Chiropractic Adjusting technology will give you the best of traditional and modern alternative medicine and natural spine treatments at IPSC SPINE CLINIC.

Numerous patients have benefitted and have been able to manage spine issues in both complex and common spine conditions without surgery. Start your evaluation at an early stage to avoid surgery. This treatment is designed for both prevention and long-term care of spine issues. Proper care can help in the restoration of function of both the muscles and joints in the spine with our integrated digital spine evaluation and manual treatment. Spine alignment, spine adjustments, muscle imbalance correction, and enhanced biomechanical coordination can help in most of the patients who are suffering from debilitating back and neck pain due to mechanical discogenic (PIVDs) and spine facet arthropathies as common spine problems.

The treatment is an integrated approach to treat muscles, bones, and mainly the joints with spinal manipulation, exercises, and correction of the underlying muscular imbalances. This approach is a comprehensive approach rather than focussing on only muscle treatment, exercises, or just by joint manipulation alone.

This treatment is not an alternative to surgery, and it is a conservative treatment, however, it helps in recovery in almost 90% of spine-related issues. The patients can immensely benefit from this alternative and natural approach and therefore avoid surgery if started at the appropriate time and following complete treatment protocols.

Osteopathy Care
Focus on overall body mechanics to restore proper functioning of the bones, muscles, and joints. The entire body is treated as a complex single unit where all the physical aspects should work effortlessly. This emphasis is on the identification of underlying problems with mechanical diagnosis and correction through integrated spinal manipulation and soft-tissue treatment approach.

Impulse Chiropractic Care
You can expect the best-in-class chiropractic approach, which includes Digital Spine Analysis and Adjustment, Spinal Adjustments, Massage Therapy, and various other manual techniques for optimizing your health.

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Special spinal conditions, which are complex in nature, include progressive spondylolisthesis Grade I towards Grade II, individuals with a sedentary lifestyle (obesity) having multiple disc injuries, spinal compression fractures, and advanced spinal stenosis with bilateral symptoms, this conservative treatment approach should not be considered as an alternative to surgery and requires proper evaluation to understand the efficacy of the manual treatment approach in all of the above medical conditions prior to the treatment. However, after proper evaluation and consultation, certain conditions are selectively treated for pain relief which can be decided upon consultation with our integrated medicine specialists, and case-appropriate referrals are required.

Heal Better. Heal Faster.

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