Confusion About Cholesterol, Erectile Dysfunction, Heart Disease & Statin Drugs

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Confusion About Cholesterol, Erectile Dysfunction, Heart Disease & Statin Drugs
I’m totally confused when it comes to cholesterol. I went to my doctor and my blood test showed I have high cholesterol – it was 253. My doctor told me to eat better, eliminate all cholesterol foods from my diet and then prescribed me a statin cholesterol lowering drug.

I then also told him how I’ve been having erectile problems the past year. You know, things aren’t working like they used to.

He then said how high cholesterol can cause impotence and that the statin drugs can help fix this.

YET, I go online and there’s a ton of research and guys complaining how when they took statin drugs, they had erectile problems. AND, in a previous video you said how cholesterol is needed to make testosterone, which is the main hormone that controls your sex drive.

What the heck should I do Dr. Sam? This is all very confusing.

Yes, you’re totally right. When it comes to health, things can be very confusing because there are studies or experts who say completely contradictory things.

So, let me simplify all of this for you because both my parents had cholesterol problems back in 1998 and I needed to learn a lot about this topic back then when there was little information.

And now, over 20 years later, there’s a lot more data and facts – both clinical and empirical, real life stats about all of this.
Cholesterol and Testosterone Levels
Yes, cholesterol is needed to make hormones, including testosterone. In fact, cholesterol is needed to make Vitamin D, which is technically a hormone and not a vitamin.

People who have very low cholesterol levels, typically also have lower testosterone and libido.

I’ve seen so many people who go on a very low fat diet and no cholesterol diet and their testosterone levels drop like crazy, which is the opposite of what you want.
Statin Drugs Are Toxic
In regards to statin cholesterol lowering drugs – such as the more popular Lipitor (atorvastatin), Crestor (rosuvastatin) and Zocor (simvastatin) – they lower your cholesterol by blocking the enzyme that creates cholesterol in your body.

They have lots of negative effects – such as memory loss, liver disease, diabetes, hormonal imbalances and yes, erectile dysfunction.

Unfortunately, doctors are quick to prescribe these drugs. I believe that the people who should take these drugs are those who have genetic issues with it (familial hypercholesterolemia), a family history.

So for example, if your total cholesterol is over 350 mg/dL at a younger age, and you eat fairly healthy and not super over weight – then chances are you have a genetic problem. Then I would suggest extreme changes in your diet, like eating plant based diet and using a low dose statin.

Cholesterol Levels & Food

Cholesterol And Heart Attacks & Strokes

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