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Cough. Responding to comments on home remedies for cough, how to get rid of a cough, stop a dry cough.

One of my favourite notifications is your comments and as you may already know more often than not I’ll get back to you with a reply and heart. If you’d like more information on any of the questions I’ve answered or have a question, then let me know so I can try and either dedicate a video to it or get back to you in next months responding to your comments.

A few of my favourite questions/comments from this video are:

1) Can you do a video for a cough please? – 00:31

For more information on coughs and to check when you will need to speak to your doctor:

2) Yes. I eat air.

3) OMG. My nasal spray always goes down my throat because the instruction say squirt and sniff. I tried what you said, squirt at an angle and small sniffs then once it stops dripping you can breathe normal. I tried and I can’t taste anything in my throat. This is amazing! I almost stopped the sprays and was going to ask for antihistamine pills instead.

4) My voice sounds deeper than Thor and Thanos combined.

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