Cure Shingles with herbal Remedies (Mountain Laurel)

Cure Shingles – my short report :

The fresh or dried leaves are used to make medicine.
You can apply mountain laurel directly to the affected area to treat ringworm of the scalp (tinea capitis), psoriasis, herpes, and syphilis.
Mountain laurel changes how sodium is used by cells throughout the body.

Mancini SD, Edwards JM. Cytotoxic principles from the sap of Kalmia latifolia. J Nat Prod 1979;42:483-8.

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You can purchase eBook on Natural Remedies for Shingles here : there are 13 natural remedies listed for curing shingles in this eBook, including honey, oatmeal bath, neem leaves and others. Or just Google yourself “natural remedies.”