Diabetes Cure Permanently – मधुमेह का स्थायी इलाज – नित्यानंदम श्री

In this video Nitya Shree explained how to cure diabetes naturally with triphla powder and fenugreek seeds. If your body has pitta prakruti i.e. excess heat in your body then do not drink water of fenugreek.
Do remember for best results take one medicine after another after a gap of 10 min minimum.
Also take Giloya Stem juice (you may use fresh or also can get from market packed bottle).
This use gives sustainable relief fom diabetes. It can not be use as main treatment. This home remedy is equally useful for kids and adults. Also advised to maintain diabetes. After watching this video if you have some query and questions, please leave comment below. We will forward your query to Nityanandam Shree.

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