Do Penile Enlargement Surgeries Work? Cost and their side effects?

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Do Penile Enlargement Surgeries Work? Cost and their side effects?
Penis enlargement surgery is a drastic procedure that exists for men that want to surgically alter the appearance of their penis.

Gaining traction in many countries, enlargement procedures are changing men’s lives across the planet. In fact, Germany is dominating the market, with 2,786 of the estimated 15,414 surgeries taking place in the land of brats and beers. These figures total 18% of the world’s enlargement surgeries taking place in just one country, costing on average around $13,000.

But what are the real benefits and consequences to this procedure?
How does traditional penis enlargement surgery work?
Before you can understand what comes after the procedure, you should really know how penis enlargement surgery works. Let’s set the record straight

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