Do penis enlargement pills work? What works and what doesn't?


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Do penis enlargement pills work? What works and what doesn’t?
Pill manufacturers with boasting claims that they can increase your penis size after just a few pills, many are attracted to these pharmaceuticals because of their claimed expediency and hassle-free nature. However, many of these pills can pose serious health risks due to their lack of regulation.
The FDA has publicly rejected penis pills as a whole, confirming that these products often lack clinical trials to support their efficacy and safety, even revealing that some have been found to be tainted with toxic ingredients.
Before you resort to popping pills to increase your penis size, make sure you get the facts below rather than falling into the trap of false advertising.
While some penis pills may help you achieve a harder erection if you suffer from impotence, these pills do nothing to extend the length of your penis or enlarge its girth.

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