Dominick Gutierrez reversed his diabetes and is no longer a diabetic!


Watch Dominick’s story! How he

My name is Dominick Gutierrez, I was diagnosed diabetic in November.
I was working, I’m a truck driver, my sugar was so high I couldn’t go back to work, so I was out of work for over a month. I used my vacation pay, but the well was drying up. So I went to Best Buy at Christmas time and I was looking for a TV for my daughter, and before you know the (Next Advanced Medicine) commercial came on ALL the TV’s, it was like Yellow. As soon as I saw it, I called them and made an appointment for the seminar, that’s how I found out about the program.
When I started here, my A1C was 8.4 and now I’m not even considered a diabetic anymore (AIC is 5.4!), it’s gone!
I’ve lost two brothers to diabetes, both at age 52. One died, then two years later the other passed, both from diabetes. I have one brother left, he’s diabetic right now, so when I found out I had it, I didn’t know where to go.
Like I said when I saw the commercial, I called, and it was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. I’m a totally different person, I’ve lost 55 pounds. I’m a single guy, I didn’t cook, I was a drive-thru guy, but now I cook. My daughter has always been the healthy one, and she’s always been worried about me. I didn’t pay attention to it until I came here. Now we cook together, we send recipes to each other. It’s a whole new life. I have so much energy. Sometimes my energy gets me in trouble. I’m going too fastm “your’re not that young you gotta slow down a bit”
Honestly, I’m 48 years old I feel like I’m 25. I’m up at 5 in the morning going for walks, I just have so much energy now, I can’t believe it. I feel like I’m high on life for this program. I would recommend it to anybody. You don’t miss out on anything, the food is so good. You just change your whole life style. I know I won’t ever go back. I had a fear because of what happened to my brothers, that was part of what it took to get me going. It all paid off. I’m not diabetic anymore. I can walk out of here today, I’m graduating!
I feel like doing a kick when I walk out the door. Yes, I’m no longer diabetic – my AIC is 5.4 (Non-diabetic). So it’s done – gone !
The staff here is amazing, you walk in the door and the energy is amazing, it’s unbelievable. I never talked to a doctor that got teary-eyed with me, never, with any other doctor. The doctors here watch you, you can call them, email them when you have a question, and they get back to you. I feel like they are angels. They help you, it’s freaking amazing. So here I am today.
If you’re thinking about this program, just do it! Don’t even think about it. If you can add 10-15 years to your life, then it’s worth everything. I know that’s what I’ve done today!
-Dominick Gutierrez
Next Advanced Medicine Success Story
reversed his Type 2 Diabetes with the help of the doctors at Next Advanced Medicine.