Dr. Elist Reviews Penis Enlargement Implant Surgery | Reveiws, Complaints, Features & Benefits

Dr Elist reviews penis enlargement implant with his patient in an interview with Drew who has comeback to Dr. Elist office after 3 months from his penile enlargement surgery, Dr. Elist talks about the features and benefits of the Elist Implant:
– Permanency
– Reversibility
– Scientific Credibility

He announces the results of a Clinical Study performed and published by he and his team, which has been published in International Journal of Impotence

Below is a link to the article:(

No other Penile Enlargement technique has ever shared the same success rate and scientific credibility.

Dr. Elist hopes that, someday in the near future, men will be able to be as open and proud about the results of their penile enlargement as women are about their successful breast implants.

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