Dr. Thomas Lodi Cancer Is Not A Death Sentence


Dr. Thomas Lodi – Cancer Is Not A Death Sentence

Dr. Thomas Lodi explains that cancer is not a death sentence, it is a tap on the shoulder telling you that the path you are on is not the right one. Dr. Lodi gives several lectures on the nature of cancer and toxemia. Toxemia is the root of all human conditions.

Dr. Lodi’s 8-hr online video series course will provide all the basic, fundamental knowledge and tools to stop making cancer. You’ll learn that mental and emotional wellbeing is essential to healing, along with a natural diet and healthy eating practices, appropriate sleep, and regular, consistent body movement (kinesiology).’ In this video series, you will discover the natural path back to your birthright – optimal health.

Tenzin Josh is a Psychologist, Psychotherapist, And Spiritual Counselor/Teacher. He is an expert in mental well-being and emotional healing. He trained alongside the Dalai Lama and has over 35 years in helping to transform lives.

Tenzin provides in this series the basic, specific practices that one can begin immediately regardless of whichever approach they decide to pursue with regards to treatment, whether it be conventional or integrative-alternative therapies.

Next, we have Darren Scherbain a Kinesiology and Functional Movement expert. He will provide a program from his experience over the past 20 years wherein he works with your current physical condition and capabilities and provides individual movement practices to restore your agility, strength, energy, and clarity of mind.

Finally, we introduce you to Kim Paul, a nutritional educator, and raw food chef. For over a decade, Kim has professionally provided nutritional counseling and education, teaching diverse groups of people with a wide array of health concerns. Kim also teaches the science of nutrition and other wellness modalities.

Dr. Lodi said this online video course is exactly what you need to heal from cancer or to prevent it. Learn how to live a healthy and long life. We hope you enjoy Dr. Thomas Lodi speaking about why cancer is not a death sentence.

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