#DrJohnWatts | Can Iron Deficiency Lead to Hair Loss? | The Best Trichologist in Hyderabad Responds


Does Iron deficiency cause hair loss and lead to baldness in any way? It does besides causing other adverse health effects too!

In this educational video, a well-known trichologist, dermatologist and one of the top hair transplant experts in Hyderabad Dr John Watts enlightens viewers about the role nutritional deficiency especially iron deficiency plays in controlling hair loss & baldness and what steps one needs to take.

“If the iron level is low, male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness conditions can hasten up the process besides leading to hair loss,” informs Dr John Watts.

How to detect Iron Deficiency
The best method to confirm iron deficiency is to undertake a Complete Blood Picture (CBP) test and observe the haemoglobin levels.

“The normal haemoglobin levels for men are between 12-16 while in women it is around 12-15. If the level is below 10 it is surely a cause for serious concern,” Dr John Watts tells the viewers.

Once the deficiency is confirmed, he further advises them to go for detailed analysis by undertaking serum ferritin and serum iron tests.

When to suspect iron deficiency
Usually in the case of iron deficiency, one experiences general weakness and tiredness. One can suspect iron deficiency if they notice tiredness while doing small tasks like climbing stairs, or experience breathing difficulty by even walking a few paces.
Iron Replenishment

In general, iron deficiency can be replenished by taking syrups, tablets or injections but for some patients, they can cause side effects like nausea or vomiting.

“In case of side-effects, do not discontinue the medication but request your physician to prescribe you alternative medicines,” said Dr John Watts.
However, administering iron injection without medical supervision can be dangerous, warns Dr John Watts, who urged viewers to consult qualified doctors and stay away from unqualified quacks for treatments.

Those not interested in taking medicines to cover up their iron deficiency can use natural methods too.

The best way to do that is to consume iron-rich leafy vegetables like spinach and green Amaranthus. They are also available in non-vegetarian items like mutton, liver and chicken in good quantities.

“Jaggery and peanuts too are good sources of iron. One can consume ‘Chikki’ or ‘Palli patti’ to recover from iron deficiency,” adds Dr John Watts.

What should one do if hair loss continues even without any iron deficiency? In this scenario, iron deficiency-induced hair loss is ruled out and one should immediately initiate hair treatment.

“If hair treatment help, the only option left is to undergo a hair transplant surgery,” concludes Dr John Watts, while urging viewers to share the video amongst their friends for awareness and those struggling with iron deficiency.

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