Edgar Cayce : The Strange Story of America's "Psychic" Sleeping Prophet

Edgar Cayce is one of America’s most famous so-called “psychics” of all time, and widely known as one of the architects of the modern New Age movement, as well as being the “sleeping prophet”.

In this video, we trace the strange story of Edgar Cayce’s life – from his origins in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, to his years tapping into “Source”, his time spent trying to cash in on the Texas oil boom and his later readings on everything from Atlantis to the origin of humanity.

Was Edgar Cayce a fraud, or was he the real deal?

Honestly, I think he was a successful grifter that cashed in on the growing popularity of alternative medicine and trance healing, as well as new age ideas that had been popularized by Helena Blavatsky and other theosophists.

Some of his ideas were incredibly harmful and discriminatory – but I’ll let you watch and form your own opinions! As always, sound off in the comments below. ALSO – did you notice I got a new camera? I hope so otherwise that was a waste of money lol.




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00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:32 Part One : The Early Years
00:11:38 Part Two : Hello, Source? It’s me, Edgar!
00:22:02 Part Three : Boom & Bust
00:35:30 Part Four : Meeting the Metaphysical
00:46:45 Part Five : From Virginia to Atlantis
00:56:42 Part Six : Building the Hospital
01:04:09 Part Seven : Prophecies & Revelations
01:11:34 Part Eight : His Legacy
01:16:39 Outro

Special thanks to Triskaidekapho13ic for helping source materials and being an all-round research God.

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