Effective Natural Cures for Folliculitis

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Folliculitis is a skin infection conditions in which bacteria called staphylococcus are the main reason causes the infection of the hair follicles. Some common symptoms are blistering, painful, and itchy rash around the infected follicles. Other causes are fungus and yeast. Besides that, diabetes, heat and humidity, staph infections, unsanitary conditions, tight clothing can cause folliculitis. The most obvious symptoms of follicular are that the infected hair follicles swell with small pus-filled pimples that can make you feel itchy and painful. Folliculitis includes four types: sycosis barbae, hot tub folliculitis, gram-negative folliculitis, and pseudo-folliculitis. There are many ways to treat this condition including natural ways and medication. although medication is one of the good treatments for folliculitis, many people prefer the ways on how to treat folliculitis naturally at home to medication because of their safety. Most of these natural ways use the available ingredients with different benefits for your health