Enemy Tactics: Joe Rogan and The Satanic Origins of Cancel Culture


Rogan Contreversy

First, Rogan put Robert Malone on podcast and asked some questions regarding vivid and alternative treatments. You iTunes pulls off.

2. Neil young out of nowhere pulls music over misinformation. No one cares.

3. Other artists pull music, Spotify decides to put content label on information despite so many other crazy episodes.

4. Rogan offers rebuttal states misinformation today may be true tomorrow citing Wuhan origin, mask efficacy, and vaccination immunity claims.

5. This mostly silences the debate until they switch tactics and roll out India arie to label Rogan a racist.

6. Racism claim hovers for a few days until Arie and her handlers compile a video of all Rohan’s uses of N word over the ast 10 years leaving out context.

7. Spotify has stood by Rogan stating they want to protect his ability to speak.

8. Here is where we are now, but we all know that if Rogan survives there the playbook will move on to LGBTQ issues.

9. People should know there is a specific playbook – They don’t debate the issue with you, they take you down through labeling.

10. First attempt is Mysogonisyic or sexist next is racism, next is homophobic

Look at some examples:
John Gruden: commish didn’t like him, leaked emails, tried to call him racist, didn’t work, finally got him with homophobia.
Gina Carano is a women so mysogyny doesn’t apply disagreed with marginalization of conservatives related to covid, accused of antisemitism, fired.
Chappelle: he’s black and a comedian so racism and mysogony don’t work, they had to try lgbtq and have wounded him

These sorts of attacks are satanic in origin. Always seeking someone to devour and awaiting an opportune moment to attack. It’s devoid of grace and extremely hypocritical.

What’s the lesson here? When they come for you, do not apologize if you don’t feel you were wrong. All it does is embolden further attacks. The truth is that no one is perfect and we all err in the words and opinions that we have held. If the lord should mark iniquities, who could stand?
This should be your answer to those who accuse.