Ep. 6 "Alternative Treatments" What the Medical Industry Does Not Want You To Know

CANCER has taken too many of our loved ones away from us and has made many suffer through the “Accepted” forms of “Treatment”.

In this interview, I traveled to The Burzynski Clinic, in Houston Texas, in 2012 to bring light to something that has been kept relatively quiet, since the 1970’s.. And which sadly still is unknown today in 2018.

It was on my quest for the truth that I came across a documentary that BLEW my mind. It is called ‘Cancer Is Big Business’. This can be seen on the Phaet.org website here..


I was not shocked about what happened, because I already knew how the system works, but to see the extent to which good things are sought to be destroyed, and how few people ever hear about these things, further strengthened my resolve to get the word out.

Dr. Burzynski has been treating and CURING people of even the most ADVANCED STAGE 5 CANCERS, since the 1970’s. For this, he faced 300 YEARS IN JAIL and nearly $20 Million Dollars in Fines.

The Doc, his Wife, Son ans the rest of the Staff at The Burzynski Clinic, are all wonderful people, making miracles happen.

The purpose of this interview, and of the documentary, is to help people TRULY FACE THE FACTS, that our entire system, Medical and every other arena, is focused only on one thing; The Bottom Line. NOT SAVING LIVES, NOT YOUR WELL BEING NOR CURING YOU. There is NO money in cures, only in treatment. If every time a person fell ill, was able to just go and get cured, or find an herbal or natural cure, Pharmaceutical companies would be out of business. They need you to need their Pills and such, for as long as possible.

Everyone gets paid along the way…Doctors, Hospitals, Insurance Companies (who are all friends and work together to keep the money wheel turning). Dr. Burzynski’s treatment, is not the only other method which has proven to CURE cancer. Be sure that there are many. Some available, some already torn to pieces by the machine, and in several cases, leaving behind dead Innovators in its path to silencing solutions.

Please check out the documentary before or after watching this interview. I will soon be posting the interview with Dr. Burzynski himself. After that, please do justice to others by spreading this information. You never know who it might reach, how it might help and what it may inspire.

Here is a Link to the Burzynski Clinic’s Website: Thank You for watching and for your thirst for truth, insight and wisdom!

-The WordsMyth of Phaet.org

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