Erectile Dysfunction Cured – When You Stop Eating This 1 Thing


Erectile Dysfunction can be cured along with a bunch of other health issues when you scale back on the meat you eat. Uncle B walks you through…

– Why eating 200 animals in a month clogs your body and your erections
– What your body does with meat that causes impotence
– How to walk away from the habits that have you eating too much meat, to begin with.

Brian Ayers AKA Uncle Bl gives easy to understand tips and suggestion so you can improve your performance and health. New videos are released every Wednesday.

Show Notes & Resources

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2) Go a little deeper in depth on the African Fly blog post:
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3) Watch our FREE webinar: “Erections On Demand For Men 40+ with Nature Stacking

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Erection issues, impotency & erectile dysfunction have a huge cause that no one talks about
Something you probably do several times a day for years
None of your ancestors could possibly do it
40% of men now have these issue
Eating animals

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1 — Increase Your Testosterone Levels
The first thing you want to do is increase your primary “sex drive” hormone, which is testosterone… which declines dramatically after the age of 25

2 — Increase Your “Free” Testosterone

Most of your “circulating testosterone” is bound to sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). So your goal is to “free up” this “bounded” testosterone and this done by lowering your SHBG.

3 — Increase Nitric Oxide (NO) and Blood Flow

One of the primary ways Viagra, Cialis and similar “ED” drugs work, is by increasing “nitric oxide (NO)” levels. This causes your penis to dilate and increase blood flow, causing a harder and fuller erection.

This can be stimulated naturally utilizing the following clinically researched ingredient:

Ginger Extract (Zingiber Officinale)

4 — Reduce The “Stress Hormone”, Cortisol

As you may know, “stress” is a major problem for your health and even more so for your penis. This is because the “opposite” hormone to testosterone is NOT estrogen (the female hormone), but CORTISOL — the “stress” hormone.

5 — Lower Your “Female” Hormones — Estrogen & Prolactin

As men get older, our “female” hormones estrogen and prolactin levels go higher, which then causes your testosterone levels to go down.

This is the OPPOSITE of what you want.

6 — Optimizer Dopamine

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter… It helps you feel “happier” and more confident.

Thus, very important for your mindset, which obviously affects your libido.

As you can see, the human body is complicated.

Take drugs such as testosterone injections, Viagra or similar drugs address only ONE of the “symptoms” which can cause Erectile Dysfunction … Thus, only being a temporary and short-term “fix”.

What you want is an all-in-one solution that helps address ALL the primary CAUSES of impotence, so your sex drive goes up and STAYS up, naturally.

African Fly is a liquid formula, called a tincture, made from 8 herbs that stimulate your body to naturally produce testosterone which is vital to your sexual health.

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