Erectile Dysfunction – Why it Happens and What To Do About It

Giddy is designed to effectively treat erectile dysfunction. Get yours for 40% off now!

“Erectile Dysfunction.” It’s embarrassing, stressful and emasculating. It’s an issue that 1 in 4 men experience by the age of 30 but are left with very few treatment options. So we took penises into our own hands (no, seriously) to develop Giddy — an FDA registered Class II medical device that’s designed to make sex fun again.

No pumps, no prescriptions, and none of the side effects of prescription ED pills. We’ve teamed up with the world’s top urologists, engineers, and mathematicians and created a device designed to effectively treat ED. Science — You’re welcome!

This isn’t your grandpa’s cock ring. Made of state-of-the-art thermoplastics and manufactured in medical grade facilities right here in the USA, Giddy is designed to put pressure on the important points but leaves the urethra strain-free for a wonderful ejaculation —just as it should be!


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Giddy is designed for any man (or woman) being effected by ED. We understand that it’s an issue on a spectrum — so we’ve created Giddy in several sizes. It’s body safe and made from medical grade materials right here in the USA.


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