Facial Acupuncture Hong Kong with Singing Bowl Meditation Hong Kong Session for Stress


Praised for hundreds of years in Asia for its anti-age benefits, Facial Acupuncture brings about a revolution in our quest for beauty. Facial acupuncture can reduce wrinkles, lift sagging skin, eliminate fine lines and improve skin colour and texture. Many have found it to be effective even after one treatment.

It is no doubt that more and more celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston are switching from botox to facial acupuncture.

It is a safe option:

-No foreign substances
-No risk of disfigurement
-No swelling

Acupuncture does not hurt. The needles are as fine as a strand of hair. A sensation of numbness or tingling is usually experienced.

How does it work?
Needles are inserted at pressure points, energy and endorphins are released. This minor trauma improves blood flow and stimulates cell re-growth. Needles are placed at focal points where energy is coming from the organs. When energy flows more efficiently, circulation is improved, helping the body regain the youthful glow.

Balance Health has doctors and licensed therapists who can support you in your holistic health journey. Balance Health is a natural health clinic offering an alternative to the conventional treatments, as no single system of medicine has the answers to every medical problem. As one of Hong Kong’s earliest natural alternative clinics, Balance Health has supported thousands achieving health and well-being in body, mind, emotions and spirit.

By integrating the principles of conventional and complementary medicine our international team of therapists is able to take a broader view – lifestyle, nutrition, emotions, behaviour patterns, and beliefs. Health and wellness is more than simply the absence of pain. Balance Health offers alternative therapies to provide the body with the opportunity to heal naturally, making it stronger and less susceptible to illness and disease.

Whether you have health issues and want to facilitate your healing process or are just looking for a moment to escape your busy life: We connect you to practitioners to offer treatments tailored to your individual wishes and needs.

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