Finasteride for Female Pattern Hair Loss treatment | Dr Bhatti explains


Does Finasteride work for female pattern hair loss? Dr Bhatti explains in detail why Finasteride may not be the answer for female pattern hair loss.
The treatment of FPHL is mired with uncertainty and controversy.
Many times Finasteride prescriptions for hair loss in women are a last ditch effort to rein in hair loss.
3 reasons why Finasteride may not be the right drug for women:
1. The exact causation or pathogenesis of FPHL remains obscure. A relationship between androgenic hormone and FPHL is believed to exist but remains controversial. Since evidence suggests normal androgen levels in most with FPHL. With miniscule DHT levels it becomes difficult to justify use of Finasteride and even Spironolactone another anti-androgen for treating female pattern hair loss.
The of-mentioned hereditary nature is similarly doubtful.
2. Secondly, because of its potential to cause birth anomalies in the male fetus, its use is confined only to women not in the child bearing age- simply put for those in post-menopausal group. Due to this inherent potential for terratogenecity, clinical studies to investigate the benefits of Finasteride in FPHL are limited.Finasteride is classified as category X drug for pregnancy and during lactation period after child birth. Animal studies have shown dose dependant development of hypospadias in male offsprings due to inhibition of type II 5 alpha reductase. That is abnormal genitalia. The same fate befalls these as what happens to children born out of a deficiency of 5 alpha reductase enzyme. No developmental changes were however seen in female fetuses.
3. Lastly, and importantly, Finasteride can tilt the estrogen/testosterone equilibrium, potentially increasing the risk of estrogen-mediated malignant transformation. So this drug should not be exhibited in those women with a family history of breast cancer.
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