Friendly chat with Tanya Whannell about alternative treatments


Hello everyone
In today’s video I interview Tanya Whannel – practitioner of alternative treatments & therapies. Tanya and I talk about different healing techniques and the training courses she is offering.
Tanya will be attending various events during the month of October. Here are the dates if you or any of your friends are interested:
Body Process Classes Winter Toolkit – Torquay – Monday 25th October (10.until 16.00) -Torquay Conservative Club. TQ2SQ. No experience necessary. £80. one process £170 for two processes. Wednesday 27th October 27th Same details as above. Plymouth venue to be confirmed. Friday 29th October Access Bars Practitioner Training all day 10 until 18.00. Venue to be confirmed Bristol. Learn to relax ease body aches and pains have fun. 32 points on the head when gently touched can change annoying limiting beliefs and thought patterns. Access Bars Class on October 12th Thatcham venue.
To book, contact Tanya via her website
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