Gallstone and Liver Cleanse…Full 7 days experience. Gallstones Shown.

After experiencing terrible side pain for months and speaking with my doctor, I decided to do a gallstone flush, AKA a liver cleanse, instead of having my gallbladder removed. I explain everything in detail in the video and talk you through my journey.

If you would like to order the book explaining everything in detail, here is the link:

Here’s the plan

Days 1-5:
Eat completely plant based
Drink 32 oz of fresh pressed apple juice
Drink 100 oz of water

Day 6:
Drink 16oz apple juice in the AM
Have a light breakfast (I chose a smoothie)
11:30am Eat a light lunch of steamed rice and veggie with soy sauce
Continue drinking water
5pm 1 tablespoon epsom salt dissolved in 6 oz water
7pm 1 tablespoon epsom salt dissolved in 6 oz water
9pm 6oz fresh grapefruit juice mixed with 1/2 cup organic extra virgin olive oil
Wait 5 minutes before laying down
Lay flat on back, with head elevated for 20 minutes. Do not move or speak. Go directly to bed after.

Day 7:
6-7am 1 tablespoon epsom salt dissolved in 6oz water
8-9am 1 tablespoon epsom salt dissolved in 6oz water
10am drink fresh pressed juice or fresh fruit
By lunch, you can return to eating normally, however I would take It slowly.

Products mentioned/used:
Vitamix Blender:
Mason jars:

Taylor and I became vegan 🌱for health reasons. We carry a genetic mutation (CDH1) that gives us an 83% chance of developing stomach cancer and 52% chance of developing lobular breast cancer. It has been recommended to us to have a prophylactic gastrectomy and mastectomy 😳. We have opted to instead change our diet to a whole foods plant based diet (vegan)🍎🍆🥕🥦. Eating a clean (organic, non-GMO) diet rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants, we feel, may prevent that “trigger” that turns our mutation on🤞. We are of course being screened for cancer annually and are enrolled in study at the NIH ✈. We are not Dr’s and are going against the advice of our Dr’s but feel this is the best choice for us given our family history 👭. If you have been diagnosed with a genetic mutation please seek the advice of experts. We welcome you to follow along with our health and fitness journey. ❤️️ Polly And Taylor

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