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Henna Used
Nupur Henna

Hair therapy heat wrap used from amazon

In this video / tutorial I discuss how I found a protein treatment alternative for healthy hair. I am protein sensitive and have tried a million things but nothing seemed to work to strengthen my hair as well as be a good balance so hair does not become dry/ cause breakage, well I found that this Henna Mix has helped my hair grow stronger. With stronger hair there is more length retention which aids in achieving longer hair.

Type of Henna used is Nupur Henna

I buy mines via amazon here is the link

Here is a link incase you want to check it out (not sponsored)

I began this 2 months ago and will continue to henna every 6-8 weeks (when my hair needs a pick me up).

Special tips are to include : Black tea rinse / black tea , cleanse hair by either co washing or shampooing before applying henna , follow up with a deep condition, and close with the LOC Method (L.O.C. Method)

I also use various oils and essential oils to stimulate growth, condition, moisturize, or improve the over all health of my hair.

Things to note Henna naturally dyes hair , in my case it has deepened/ darkened my natural hair providing a reddish tint.

Also something I did not know until afterwards that it is recommended to NOT dye your hair with a chemical dye after using Henna. I don’t mind, but someone out there may, so do your research prior to. Hope this helps someone!

Type 4 Hair ( Kinky Curly)

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