Hidradenitis Suppurativa Natural Cures

This videos has a summary from my website of tips on curing or at least improving Hidradenitis Suppurativa using natural

remedies at home. I must mention that I am not medically trained so this is for information only and you should seek advice from a professional before making any decisions on

which of these tips, if any, should be used. I hope this will be a good starting point and the end result will be helpful.

1. If your are a smoker (and 80%+ of peope with HS are) then giving up will almost certainly imporve the condition.

2. If you are over weight this also is a factor in HS as it cuases rubbing bwteen skin that makes it worse. Losing wieght will improve HS.

3. Shaving affected areaswill cuase irritation, so avoid this as much as possible.

4. Cooling areas with ice packs helps to releive pain and decrease iritation.

5. Wear loose clothing, as tight garments make the body hot and humid which makes increase the condition.

6. Keep you stress levels as low as possible. Try to do relaxing pastimes and also exercise and sport.

7. East plenty of vitamin C rich foods such as strawberries and other fruit.

8. Once a day apply tea tree oil with a cotton bud onto the bad parts.

9. Chatting with people you know about the condition can also help.

10. Seek expert assistiance as soon as you can.

At my site there is some additional information on Hidradenitis Suppurativa
and natural home remdies.

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