How to cure chicken liver with Pro-Cure – Catch tons of catfish!

If you want to know how to cure chicken liver so it lasts forever and won’t come off the hook then check out this video.

I use Pro-Cure UV Glow Egg Cure to cure chicken liver for catfish bait. Pro-Cure is what we use all the time to cure salmon eggs in Alaska.

Salmon eggs have the same problems as chicken liver. Salmon eggs are super fragile and they spoil quickly, chicken liver does too. The Pro-Cure dries out the chicken liver, toughens up the membranes and prevents it from spoiling.

However, Pro-Cure also contains dyes and scents that catfish love. Most the fish I catch with cured chicken liver bite the hook less than 3 minutes after casting. They go crazy for it.

Putting cured chicken liver on an egg-loop knot is an awesome combination. The bait will almost never tear off even when casting 100 yards or when small cats are tearing at it. I can often cast multiple time and catch several fish before I lose my bait.

I can also leave the liver at room temperature for several days before it spoils or refrigerate it and it last weeks or months. The more Pro-cure you add the longer it lasts and the tougher it gets.

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